Đối nhân là giá trị cốt lõi nhất của Always

Company culture – the Ark of Noah between business thunderstorms

For nearly hundreds of years, the world has experienced many cataclysmic economic crises engulfing countless enterprise. Yet how are some brands still standing, even growing stronger after those storms?

Always believes that company culture with sustainable values is the Noah boat which has helped them survive persistently in any circumstances. Always also aims to build the company culture as the steadiest Noah boat for its own.

Take treating people to be the boat plank

The most important values that Always aims to is dealing with people. Because society, more specifically, customers, will determine the survival of the enterprise. Many big brands like Coca Cola, Nike, THP,… are still reeling due to media crisis and at risk of collapse because of social reaction.

Particularly for Always, dealing with people to win their hearts is not only skills, but also something that requires a big heart that brings goodness to others. The company wants to offer more benefits to customers, employees want to devote to their big family, the boss wants to develop the capabilities of employees,… that is the most sustainable boat plank of every enterprises.

Đối nhân là giá trị cốt lõi nhất của Always

Treating people is the most important core value of Always

Take wisdom as the helm

It takes a heart to act for the benefit of customers, but companies also need to have talent to bring as many benefits as possible. Thus Always considers wisdom as the extremely important helm to steer our business in the market. Tech corporations such as Google, Facebook, Apple,… have conquered the world thanks to having gathered the most essence intellectual sources for themselves.

Trí tuệ là bánh lái con thuyền doanh nghiệp

Wisdom is the helm of the enterprise boat

The working environment of Always has done qualified members a lot of favors, but Always believed that all members are able to develop their capacity if they work hard. Throughout the years, Always has constantly created many opportunities for the leaders to employees to cultivate specialized skills, soft skills and expand related knowledge to the job.

Take passion as the sail to the great ocean

To maximize its potential, enterprises must also be an enthusiastic, creative, and dynamic collective. Always hence considers the passion of each employee is the biggest source of strength to promote its development. Always leaders always search for the best working arrangements to suit the personality and passion of every employee; the leaders also take the staff as their inspiration. That is how Always has constantly evolved, constantly devoted when there is a sail always reaching out the sea.

Làm việc bằng tất cả đam mê

Working with all the passion

Attitude is the ticket to the boat

According to the Bible, when God created the flood to recreate the world, he only let the Ark of Noah brought the most worthy creatures. These creatures had the right to enjoy the abundant resources and live with elite species.

In business, only elite people have an opportunity to overcome turbulence in the market, reach higher levels and have the happiest, most abundant, prosperous life. But with Always, the criteria for selecting the elites who can set their foot on the Noah boat is not their talent, fame or status but attitude.

Those who have a positive attitude, are always upbeat, know how to seek opportunities from difficulties, are not afraid of challenge; those who are willing to deal with the trouble; those who believe that they can become excellent,… those are the-chosen-ones that Always welcomes.

Văn hóa doanh nghiệp - con thuyền Noah giữa giông bão kinh doanh

Then, will you accept to be permanently drowned in the flood, or, will you step on the Ark of Noah with Always?